Localized Ventilation

Localized ventilation adapters designed to meet and exceed standards for velocity and capture regulations. With excellent ventilation, workers are more comfortable and visibility is improved which also contribute to increased production levels. 

Confined Space Simulator

Does your work site have the SmogBuster advantage? Contact us for a consultation and demonstration with our mobile confined space simulator. We do not charge for our introductory consultations as we like to show value before we charge for it.

Contribute To A Cleaner Environment

With a filter capability range from Merv 11 – Merv 17 (HEPA), your confined space services specialists at SmogBuster provide the expertise and equipment required to vastly improve air quality and reduce health and safety risks. 

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Keeping Workers Safe with Confined Space Hazard Assessments

There are numerous hazards associated with confined spaces, which is one of the many reasons why confined space work is dangerous. Confined space hazard assessments are one of the confined space services that we off, which helps makes confined spaces safer for everyone.

How Shutdown Planning Can Be Painless

Shutdown planning is one of those things that can takes its toll on even the best management teams. It is not any easy task, which is why at SmogBuster, we strive to make shutdown planning as painless as possible.

SmogBuster Sponsors 2016 Canadian Death Race

We strive to promote safety both within our workplace and while working at other worksites. We believe that safety doesn't just have to stop at work and that living a healthy life is a part of living a safe life, which is why we sponsored the 2016 Canadian Death Race.

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A Safety First Mentality: Safety Supervision

While at SmogBuster we provide confined space ventilation and climate control services, we understand the importance of safety while on-site working. WIth our superior safety supervision and knowledge, our workers are able to prevent accidents and avoid injury.

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