Posted: 9 Aug '16

How Shutdown Planning Can Be Painless

How Shutdown Planning Can Be Painless

Shutdowns and turnarounds are taxing processes that challenge the capabilities of the best management teams. With hundreds of people onsite with their machinery and equipment, speed is an important consideration to be made in regards to shutdowns and turnarounds. During setup and once the work begins, each worker has assigned tasks that expose them to a variety of health and safety hazards. With proper attention to the ventilation portion of your shutdown planning, you can mitigate risks substantially.

Improving Production and Saving Time

The shutdown process requires detailed planning for every stage of the process to ensure different crews are not competing for the same space when trying to carry out their duties. Add to that the pollutants the work generates and you often have teams standing by while one process is finished before moving on to the next. Dust and fumes in the air can also greatly reduce visibility which slows production further and increases the potential for accidents. 

With SmogBuster, our shutdown planning for your ventilation needs ensures all considerations for your confined space environment or plant are incorporated into the plan, including contingencies to make sure safety standards are met. Our dedicated and well equipped team can design a ventilation system that allows several processes to run simultaneously, reducing standby time and increasing visibility to reduce the probability of accidents. Our equipment is designed so that there is less noise than other ventilation systems, which allows for verbal communication that contributes to not only improved production, but safety as well.

Smooth Execution

To ensure that your shutdown or turnaround runs smoothly, contact us at SmogBuster as early in the process as possible. This allows us to fully integrate an appropriate ventilation system into the project plan, review the plan with you and your team as well as providing our field service team lead time to prepare for installation beforehand.