Your Shutdown Planning & Ventilation Team

About SmogBuster

Since 1991, SmogBuster has been striving to be the leading provider of confined space services. Serving Canada and the United States out of Edmonton, Alberta, our primary focus is temporary ventilation services from shutdown planning through supplying, installing and monitoring to support hot-work applications for maintenance operations and shutdowns. Our commitments to safety, the environment, excellence and integrity set us ahead our competition.

SmogBuster Creates Significant Impact on Shutdown Processes

The success of shutdowns and maintenance operations depends on key service providers working in synergy to meet strict time constraints and ensure a safe working environment for in the confined space environment and beyond. SmogBuster creates a significant impact in the overall execution of the processes involved through:

  • Ensuring the work environments are safe and healthy for workers
  • Increasing work productivity through more comfortable work spaces
  • Saving money through efficiency
  • Reducing injuries and visibility issues
  • Environmental responsibility

We are committed to Safety, Environment, Integrity & Teamwork

Vision Statement

At SmogBuster we strive to be the leader in providing confined space services. To create a healthier, more productive and safe work environment for an increasingly educated and informed workforce. To meet and exceed our client’s expectations by embracing new ideas and technologies.

SmogBuster Meets and Exceeds Client Expectations

We pride ourselves in meeting and exceeding your expectations- ALWAYS. In the business of ventilation for confined space work environments, there is no room for error and we take our responsibility for the health and safety of all workers from personnel to labourers seriously. Moreover, we ensure all conditions are met or exceeded for regulatory concerns and help your company promote environmental responsibility.

New Ideas and Technologies

SmogBuster is committed to embracing new ideas and technologies that help decrease costs and downtime while increasing production. Some of our key applications include:

  • Localized (LEV) and general exhaust ventilation
  • Climate control including temperature and humidity
  • Filtration to maximize particulate capture
  • Filter capability range from Merv 11 - Merv 17 (HEPA)

Through research, development and experience, SmogBuster has combined leading technology with proprietary enhancements that make our customized ventilation solutions more efficient to set up and tear down and to provide optimal work environments in closed spaces.

To learn more about how SmogBuster can save your company money, increase production and improve your environmental reputation, view our services or contact us.