Capturing & Filtering Particulates

Capturing & Filtering

Indoor air quality is a concern for all, however, cleaner air is critical to the health and safety of anyone working in confined spaces. To ensure the air in confined spaces meets or exceeds occupational health and safety (OH&S) regulations, industries must have a means of capturing and filtering particulates produced in these environments. With a filter capability range from Merv 11 – Merv 17 (HEPA), your confined space services specialists at SmogBuster provide the expertise and equipment required to vastly improve air quality and reduce health and safety risks. 

Reduce Workplace Hazards by Capturing & Filtering Particulates with SmogBuster

  • Capturing & Filtering Particulates

    Reduce Hazards

    A higher level of safety can be achieved when particulates and fumes are eliminated from the atmosphere in confined space environments. One of the greatest benefits is improved visibility, which reduces accidents and injuries due to tripping, slips and falls. Companies that invest in capturing and filtering particulates also notice a reduction in the amount of eye injuries in the workplace.

    The second greatest benefit to improving air quality is the control over exposure limits to welding and gouging processes. The OH&S and OSHA strictly regulate these exposure limits and solutions by SmogBuster help you to meet or exceed the compliance. Our ventilation technicians also take regular readings both to set a benchmark for air quality in your confined space environment and to establish a safety record for compliance purposes.

  • Capturing & Filtering Particulates

    Contribute to a Cleaner Environment

    Systems from SmogBuster can help your company with environmental responsibility while providing a healthier and safer atmosphere outside of the confined space as well. When designing your system, we can include dust and particulate capture to greatly reduce the contamination of outdoor air around your facility. Some of the fumes, smoke and potentially dangerous particulates these systems can capture include:

    • Dry dust (non-explosive)
    • Metal spray
    • Silica refractory dust
    • Sandblasting particulates
    • Welding fumes
    • Combustion fumes
  • Capturing & Filtering Particulates

    An Investment with Many Returns

    As an employer who has workers in confined spaces, when you invest in an air quality system with SmogBuster, you are not merely doing what is necessary to meet strict regulations, you are choosing vastly-improved air quality that will provide you many returns on your investment. Some of these include:

    • Reduced outages due to poor air quality
    • Decreased costs due to injuries
    • Improved production due to greater visibility
    • Fewer sick days for employees
    • Increased environmental responsibility reputation

SmogBuster professionals are committed to increasing the health and safety of confined space work environments in a manner that is based on integrity and excellence. To learn more about the solutions we can provide to maximize your investment in air quality, we invite you to contact us.