PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirator) Rentals

PAPR Rentals

We offer a PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirator) rental that is specially designed to meet your welding needs by providing continuous filtered air to the wearer. By using the PAPR unit, you get both increased protection and comfort for extended wear. This all in one system provides a constant flow of clean air with a HE filter and OV/AG cartridge. The slim profile and ergonomic design makes it easier to go into tight welding spaces and offers the quality and functions that you should expect from a robust and easy to use system.

Cooler, Cleaner and More Comfortable Welding with PAPR Rentals

  • PAPR Rentals
  • PAPR Rentals
  • PAPR Rentals

Excellent Optics, Wider Views

This PAPR design offers many optical benefits:

  • Magnifying lens holder is built into welding filter
  • Auto darkening welding filter with extra-large viewing area
  • Seven user selectable dark shades for most types of arc welding
  • Intermediate shade 5 light state to help minimize eye strain during extended track welding applications
  • Dark-to-light delay function
  • Adjustable sensitivity to the arc detection
  • More detailed and colourful shade 3 filter

See for yourself with one of our PAPR rentals.

Increase Your Productivity

Switching gears is easy with a helmet that’s up for multiple tasks. Workers can go from welding to grinding without removing, locating or foregoing their PPE with this PAPR rental. This PAPR unit comes with a comfortable leather belt to hold the lightweight unit. It has a 7-9 hour Li-ion battery, constant flow of clean air and is 30% larger than any other welding filter. With a PAPR rental you can help protect your welders from harmful fumes and particles, with comfortability and enhanced safety.

Give your workers the energy to power through shifts with less hassle and equipment with our PAPR. Contact us today for a more comfortable PAPR rental.