Posted: 31 Mar '18

4 Reasons Why Your Jobsite Should Consider Commercial Dehumidifier Equipment Rental

It’s important that your job site has a conducive environment, and this entails maintaining good indoor air quality for the health of occupants and supporting optimum performance of manufacturing processes. The level of humidity in your facility is an important factor and a HVAC system cannot do enough to make a significant difference against an increase in moisture level. Relative humidity encourages condensation on cold surfaces, which could lead to mold growth, corrosion, or slip hazards. If your place has become muggy, you should consider a commercial dehumidifier equipment rental to alleviate the issue.

Why Is This a Good Idea?

Better Health

A job site is unsafe for everyone when humidity reaches very high levels. Relative humidity levels above 60 percent creates a prime breeding ground for mold, mildew, and fungus, especially in ducts, vents, and hidden area around equipment. These types of micro-organisms pose a danger to health of the occupants and can contribute to increased allergy problems and asthma attacks. High humidity can cause mental fatigue, dehydration, lethargy, and other respiratory conditions. A commercial dehumidifier equipment rental can easily achieve the recommended humidity level for indoors and reduce discomfort.

Reduced Energy Costs

If everyone on the job site feels overly hot when humidity levels soar, it requires the air conditioner to put in extra effort to counteract it. This means that you’ll have to spend extra expense on constantly running the air conditioner. With a commercial dehumidifier equipment rental, you don’t have to run the HVAC system more than necessary to cool things off. In this case, you will be reducing operational costs, which can mean significant cost savings.

Prevent Condensation

If the job involved calls for the use of electronics, having a commercial dehumidifier equipment rental is vital in the prevention of condensation. Moisture can build up inside electronic equipment and other machines. This can result in short circuits, which can cause fires and other irreparable damages.

Raise Product Quality

A product’s quality produces many benefits, including an effective process control system, reduced product waste, reduced energy costs, and consumer demand. Moisture control in the facility with a commercial dehumidifier equipment rental promotes the production of quality products, and this in return drives the demand for your product.

To prevent the effects of excessive moisture, the issue should be addressed before it gets out of hand. Choosing the right type of commercial dehumidifier equipment rental is essential in terms of maintaining the required relative humidity and providing the right amount of moisture. Don’t let excess humidity ruin the environment at your workplace. To control moisture and improve your commercial indoor air quality, call our experts for services in commercial dehumidifier equipment rentals.