Field support services

Field Support Services

Beyond supplying state-of-the-art equipment to improve the productivity and safety for your confined space work environment, SmogBuster provides field support services that are unparalleled. We firmly believe that a successful ventilation plan goes beyond excellent equipment and installation. Confined space services with SmogBuster makes specialized field support available to ensure your success.

Increase your Workplace Safety with Field Support Services from SmogBuster

  • Field support services

    Specially-Trained Ventilation Technicians

    In keeping with our commitment to integrity and excellence, SmogBuster supplies specially trained ventilation technicians. Most of our ventilation technicians are journeymen with no less than three years of turnaround experience. This ensures your field support services are delivered by people with the education, training and experience to not only install, maintain and modify your ventilation systems, they can also anticipate modifications that may be necessary to the systems to remain ahead of the critical pathway. In short, this means far shorter down times and higher production rates for your company's bottom line.

  • Field support services

    Field Support Services and Beyond

    While SmogBuster ventilation techs are experts at setting up, monitoring, adjusting and testing your ventilation systems for confined space work environments, their support services do not end there. Expedience, as well as maintaining a safe environment for your workers to maintain maximum production are also at the forefront of their ambitions. Some of the services provided include:

    • Demobilization when required, tear down and setup
    • Speeding up the process and keeping out of the way to provide critical pathway support
    • Monitoring and testing to ensure optimal air quality
    • Confined space entry watch
    • Fire and spark watch
    • Safety supervision
  • Field support services

    Educating your Workforce

    A vital component to a successful ventilation plan that meets or exceeds government regulations and helps maximize production is workers who understand how the systems work and how to operate them properly. SmogBuster field support technicians provide the essential education to your employees so the systems are used to their full potential.

    Having the best in quality ventilation equipment on site is not enough to ensure the safety of workers in the confined space environment or workers that are outside of these spaces. If your workers are educated and trained on optimal use, there is less chance of potential exposure to harmful airborne contaminants, less chance of reduced visibility that can lead to eye or bodily injury and your business will not be exposed to heavy fines levied for failure to comply.

SmogBuster is your best choice for customized ventilation systems designed to meet the needs of your confined space work environment. In addition, our field support services ensure the maximum return on your investment. Contact us for further information or an evaluation of your work site.