Posted: 4 Apr '16

Busting the Dust - Exhaust Ventilation Systems Save Lives

Busting the Dust - Exhaust Ventilation Systems Save Lives

Due to contaminants and heavy metal dust that is raised up when working in enclosed work spaces, fully-functional exhaust ventilation systems are required to protect the health and safety of all workers present. While this is well known by most businesses and corporations, too many calculate the cost of proper ventilation to be too high and refuse to make the investment in a proper system. While they may save some money at the onset, a price cannot be put on a human life. What price can be paid for a worker who suffers lifelong debilitation due to exposure? The fact of the matter is that exhaust ventilation systems save lives and financial savings shouldn't come at human cost.

Exhaust Ventilation Systems Save Lives

In 2002, Teck Cominco rejected the expenditure of increased ventilation in a boiler being worked on as "too costly". That summer, 65 people were poisoned by thallium and lead as a result of that decision. While Cominco saved money at the start of the project, by the time you calculate the value of damage to the human lives affected by the poisoning and the fines levied for non-compliance, more than double the cost of protecting their workers from exposure was doled out. In fact, the Workers Compensation Board's investigative report states that "...the company knew the SmogBuster local ventilation system would have greatly reduced the dust at the job site".

Local Exhaust Ventilation Systems (LEV) Defined

By definition and at its most basic level, a local exhaust ventilation system is one that is engineered to remove the dust, gas, vapour and other airborne contaminants from a workplace's air. For proper efficacy, the control system must be selected or designed for the space to be ventilated as well as the type of contaminants to be removed. The ventilation process uses a mechanical system to force clean air into the space and exhaust the contaminated air. SmogBuster professionals can provide you with the appropriate solution to help protect the lives of your employees.

The SmogBuster Advantage

While saving lives should be at the forefront of your decision-making for exhaust ventilation systems, your SmogBuster professionals also recognize the business component and provide you with value-added services. Our systems can improve productivity through the ability to perform welding, grit blasting and other tasks simultaneously in the same confined space. By increasing the health and safety of your work environment, employees will be able to perform better and all safety requirements will bet met.

The bottom line is that exhaust ventilation systems by SmogBuster save lives. Don't risk the lives of you and your workers to reduce costs. In the long run, proper ventilation is a relatively low cost investment when the alternative is considered. Contact us to learn how SmogBuster can work for you.