Posted: 14 Jun '16

Combustible Dust Ventilation: Handling The Smallest of Culprits

Combustible Dust Ventilation: Handling The Smallest of Culprits

Dust isn't something you might give a second thought to, beyond getting rid of it for aesthetic purposes and to reduce allergy symptoms. However, in a work environment, this fine material can be deadly and should be taken very seriously. Combustible dust ventilation and dust filtering systems are important considerations for confined work spaces to prevent fires and deadly explosions.

Combustible Dust and Deflagration

Dust inevitably collects on flat surfaces throughout your work environment such as in duct work, on rafter beams and in crevices. Due to the nature of the type of dust that is generated in industrial environments, the dust has the potential to become combustible when exposed to oxygen. Enough accumulation and in the right concentration of combustible dust, it is possible for deflagration to occur.

Deflagration is a subsonic combustion that occurs from a heat source, which in work environments is often a simple spark. Once the initial explosion has occurred, the dust is spread and may set off further explosions.

Common Materials Can Become Combustible Dust

Common workplace materials can produce combustible dust and precautions must be taken to keep the work environment safe from explosions. Some of these include but are not limited to:

  • Agricultural products and dusts
  • Carbonaceous dusts
  • Dust from chemicals
  • Metal dusts
  • Dusts from plastics

Dust Filtering Systems and Ventilation

To mitigate the chances of lives and property being lost to combustible dust explosions, your work environment requires dust filtering systems and proper ventilation. While this may seem straightforward, only systems such as the ones SmogBuster employs are safe for such applications. Our dust filtering systems and confined space ventilation units are grounded using an especially effective method, eliminating sparks that can turn deadly. After installation, we test the grounding repeatedly to ensure no sparks are generated in the ducting, minimizing the potential for combustion of any dust.

At SmogBuster, we believe strongly in creating safer work environments and improving conditions for all. When you work with our team, nothing is left to chance, not even the tiniest of culprits that can cause serious repercussions is overlooked. Contact us to learn how we can help you prevent combustible dust explosions with dust filtering systems and ventilation.