Shutdown Planning

Shutdown Planning

Given the time constraints associated with shutdowns, working at maximum production is critical to carry out everything that has to be done. The last thing you need to worry about is the complexity of confined space work environments and the ventilation systems required to keep your workers safe and meet stringent regulations. Your SmogBuster ventilation technicians are experts in the area of shutdown planning and can make a significant difference towards helping you meet your goals.

Increase your productivity with Shutdown Planning with SmogBuster

  • Shutdown Planning

    Our Role in Shutdown Planning

    SmogBuster personnel can play a key role in the planning of shutdowns and working with turnaround teams to streamline the ventilation portion of the processes and suggest possible solutions to reduce the time spent on this vital component of confined space work environments. Provided you allow sufficient time for scheduling and an opportunity for our personnel to participate, our ventilation experts can conduct site walk-downs, make any necessary revisions to scope of work and craft a formal ventilation plan for your consideration. The formal plan includes:

    • Details on systems to be supplied
    • Most efficient access points
    • Requirements for power
    • Projected CFM output per confined space
    • Air change calculations
  • Shutdown Planning

    Reporting and Monitoring

    SmogBuster ventilation techs handle all of the details involved in monitoring and reporting so your only worry is the work being performed during the shutdown. Our techs will participate in daily worker meetings and mandated safety meetings and produce all of the daily reports required:

    • Force reports
    • Permits as required
    • JSA
    • Field-level risk assessment
    • Site inspections

    To ensure the strict requirements of air change and temperature are being met, SmogBuster ventilation technicians use calibrated monitoring equipment. The data collected is recorded on an Air Velocity Report (AVR), depicting each confined space in the service area and the CFM readings for localized ventilation inlets (LEV).

  • Shutdown Planning

    SmogBuster Shutdown Planning Benefits

    Your SmogBuster team are not only ventilation experts, we are also business people who understand that increased production and compressed timelines are key components to success. We take the responsibility of providing a healthy and safe confined space environment seriously and will never compromise that for the sake of rushing or earning more money. We will, however, always seek ways to plan a shutdown so maximum production is obtained and the least amount of time is spent on tear-down, relocating and setup of the ventilation systems required.

    with the ability to maximize the efficiency and usage of your ventilation system

Expedience is in the Planning

When you contract with SmogBuster to help with shutdown planning, you can be confident the responsibility for safe and healthy air, as well as an environment that allows for and encourages maximum production will be met. The best way to carry out the requirements in the least amount of time possible is to create a detailed plan that includes contingencies during the shutdown. To discuss your shutdown planning needs, we invite you to contact us.