Mechanical Ventilation - General and at Source

Ventilation for Confined Spaces

Ventilation for confined space work environments can be cumbersome and restrictive due to limitations in size, versatility and the need to schedule work in sequence to maintain air quality. Due to years of research and development, SmogBuster mechanical ventilation systems provide a solution to these typical issues.

Customized Temporary Ventilation Systems

The proper ventilation equipment for your confined space work environment makes all the difference in increasing production and lowering production costs. SmogBuster has invested heavily into customizing its temporary ventilation systems to create equipment that is not only versatile, but easier to move as required. Some of the benefits of these investments include:

  • Spiral-wound aluminum in ducting to make it lightweight and easier to handle
  • Proprietary rigid polymer collars to connect ducting and blowers that allow multiple configurations and fast assembly
  • Backward inclined electric blowers designed to draw from varying access openings and long runs
  • Localized ventilation adapters designed to meet and exceed standards for velocity and capture regulations


Increase your productivity with Mechanical Ventilation Service from SmogBuster

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    Greater Productivity

    SmogBuster mechanical ventilation systems allow maximum productivity through parallel activities. When multiple processes would have to be scheduled in sequence due to the limitations of standard ventilation systems, SmogBuster systems allow for split spaces with debris decks and systems that operate on multiple levels. This creates isolation of specific work activities and increases the cubic feet per minute (CFM) per confined space over any other system. With excellent ventilation, workers are more comfortable and visibility is improved which also contribute to increased production levels.

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    Experienced Ventilation Technicians

    SmogBuster provides experienced ventilation technicians during shutdowns and for routine monitoring of equipment. During shutdown, they are available to limit interruptions due to reduced visibility, high LEL levels and other possible issues. They also provide measurable data for services rendered. During regular operation, equipment is checked and monitored on a routine basis to be sure optimal air quality is achieved.

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    The SmogBuster Difference

    Although the equipment SmogBuster has spent time and money on in research and development is custom-built and unique from any other available, optimal mechanical ventilation is achieved through a formula we have developed throughout our years of service:

    • Designing an appropriate ventilation plan for your specific confined space environment
    • Modular equipment specifically designed to be optimal for your plan
    • Qualified technicians with the ability to maximize the efficiency and usage of your ventilation system

Learn more about how SmogBuster customized mechanical ventilation solutions can greatly improve the production in your confined space work environment by contacting us.