Posted: 31 Oct '17

The Advantages of Utilizing Industrial Dust Collection Systems

Industrial Dust Collection Systems

The particles released by welding, gouging or grinding may contain harmful metals and alloys. If these particles are released into the plant environment they may be hazardous to people working in the area. They can cause illness by being inhaled or contaminating food and drinking water. They will eventually settle out and contaminate storm water or soil.

The Benefits of Industrial Dust Collection Systems

Industrial dust collection systems can reduce the quantity of toxic material released by 99%. The collected particles can be easily removed from the collector for recycling or disposal. Although most industrial dust collection systems are too large to be trucked once assembled, Smogbuster has portable industrial dust collection systems that can be unloaded and set up in less than an hour. Like all good industrial dust collection systems their filters can be cleaned without interrupting system air flow. The filters seldom require replacement during a turnaround. These systems are fully compatible with Smogbuster fans and ducts.

Are Air Conditioning Filters Good for Industrial Dust Collection Systems?

It is theoretically possible to collect these particles in air conditioning filters, or wet scrubbers. The problem with air conditioning filters is that they fill up rapidly and need frequent replacement. That requires that the system be taken off line, and people handling the filters need to be protected from the toxic dusts. The volume of toxic waste is greater than when industrial dust collection systems are used, and the replacement filters come at significant cost.

Wet Scrubbing Systems

Wet scrubbing systems discharge polluted water, and are less efficient at removing toxic particles than industrial dust collection systems. Claims of high particle removal efficiency for wet scrubbing systems should be viewed with scepticism. Safe disposal of polluted water from wet scrubbers is a challenge. They are also prone to plugging with collected material. Smogbuster does not offer wet scrubbing systems.

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