Posted: 30 Nov '17

Minimizing Hazardous Particulate Exposure with Particle Filtration

Particle Filtration

Many industrial processes produce harmful particulates - such as dust, mold, vapors, gasses, and more- into the atmosphere. In many scenarios, especially confined spaces, the proper ventilation of these particulates could be dangerous or even fatal. Ventilation improves air quality; however, particle filtration takes it to a different level.

Why is Particle Filtration Important?

To ensure employees are healthy and operations run smoothly, those in the oil and gas industry must commit to maintaining healthy air quality - especially in confined spaces. While poor air quality used to be a leading cause of work-related illnesses and accidents, technological advancements and strict regulations, such as OHS, are giving businesses the tools to combat poor air quality and decrease negative health effects and costly downtimes.

How Does Particle Filtration Remove Harmful Substances?

In many cases, worksites are utilizing particle filtration systems to keep their work sites safe through the removal of dangerous airborne contaminants. With that in mind, understanding how particle filtration can reduce hazards is paramount to promoting a safe and productive workplace.

Employees in the oil and gas industry are affected by numerous airborne contaminants that are typically produced as by-products from mechanical processes, refinement operations, welding, and more. With so many negative health effects associated with poor air quality, proper air ventilation and particle filtration are crucial in promoting a healthy work environment via a healthier atmosphere. Particle filtration can help defend your worksite from:

  • Non-explosive dry dust
  • Silica dust
  • Particulates from sandblasting
  • Fumes from welding and combustion
  • And more

Filtration Reduces Hazards

Using particle filtration at your worksite will protect your employees from exposure to respiratory ailments due to carcinogenic particles. In addition, participle filtration allows for:

  • Decrease in costly downtimes due to poor air quality
  • Decreased accidents and injuries
  • Decreased possibility of combustion & explosion-related accidents
  • Decreased downtime-related costs
  • Increased environmental and social responsibility
  • Increased visibility
  • Increased production

Custom-Designed for Your Worksite

SmogBuster’s custom designed particle filtration systems are built with your space and objectives in mind. This means that the size of your worksite, as well as your specific filtration needs, are considered while we work to provide you with a healthy and safe work atmosphere. Our custom systems can include dust and particulate capture to improve air quality outside of your facility as well.

Clean Air Goes a Long Way

At SmogBuster, we believe that when a business takes the time to invest in a quality particle filtration system, you are doing much more than meeting OHS regulations. With reduced outages, accidents, injures, missed days, and more, it’s easy to see how improved air quality is an investment with many returns. For more information on particle filtration solutions contact SmogBuster today.