Posted: 12 Feb '17

Reduce Drywall Dry Times with a Commercial Dehumidifier Rental

Reduce Drywall Dry Times with a Commercial Dehumidifier Rental

When you are working on a tight schedule, drywall dry times can be a significant setback. Since very little else can be accomplished when waiting on drywall, and dry times being unpredictable, it often leads to costly delays and work crews on standby while the process is completed. You can significantly reduce drywall dry times through commercial dehumidifier rental.

Commercial Dehumidifier Rental After Water Damage

Flooding and other water damage can spell disaster for drywall and significantly hold up progress on restoration projects. With a commercial dehumidifier rental, you get powerful units that are compact for easy mobility yet large enough to lower humidity levels enough to significantly reduce the time to dry out materials. With accelerated drying, you not only save money by completing the job faster, you are also reducing the risk of mould and bacteria growth. The sooner moisture is brought under control and the materials are dried, the sooner your team can complete the restoration process.

Avoid Costly Delays on New Installations

The installation of drywall is a "hurry up and wait" scenario at the best of times. Your crew goes in and installs the new board quickly, but then you are held up while you wait for the first coat of drywall mud to dry enough to sand and repeat the process. Under normal humidity levels this can cause costly delays due to unpredictability and under humid conditions, your whole project may be affected. With controlled humidity through commercial dehumidifier rental, you can greatly reduce the wait time for your drywall mud to cure and complete projects in a timely fashion.

Your SmogBuster team carries a selection of low-temperature commercial dehumidifiers that improve the speed of drying time on materials and structures while providing proper filtration of the air. They allow you to dry your work spaces quickly and efficiently, helping you avoid scope creep. Contact us for more information on the appropriate size and pricing for your needs.