Climate Control in Confined Spaces

Climate Control

Conducting operations in the confined space work environment presents many challenges, not the least of which is climate control. The very nature of the work being performed during shutdowns and maintenance operations requires a controlled climate for it to be effective and your employees must be comfortable to achieve maximum production. SmogBuster provides confined space climate control that is effective and efficient.

Avoid Atmospheric Hazards

Not having a properly-controlled humidity level in the confined space work environment can contribute to injuries, reduced productivity and failures with some processes such as coating applications. Damp conditions can cause fog and mist that reduce visibility and can trap noxious fumes that are dangerous to everyone in the area. With the use of dehumidifiers, SmogBuster can ensure proper humidity levels are maintained for your confined spaces.

Heat or Cool your Confined Space Work Areas with SmogBuster

  • Climate Control in Confined Spaces

    Flameless Heating for Confined Spaces

    Generating heat to maintain a comfortable work space and ensure materials perform as they should is a particularly challenging portion of confined space services. Not only does extra caution have to be taken due to possible combustion or explosive conditions, space for equipment is limited. SmogBuster ventilation technicians are experts at determining the needs for heating confined work spaces and provide flameless heating for confined space climate control. Flameless heating options will not contribute to ongoing air quality concerns and are safe to use in potentially dangerous conditions.

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    Welding Preheat

    When working in cold environments it is sometimes necessary to preheat base materials to meet codes and prevent failure due to weld breaks. Since many of the processes performed in confined space environments rely on welding, to ensure the integrity of the welds and prevent catastrophic situations, SmogBuster can supply heaters specifically designed for preheat. Due to our vast experience in confined space climate control, we can provide welding preheat solutions that are best suited to your specific needs.

  • Climate Control in Confined Spaces

    Industrial Cooling

    Space and safety concerns for cooling in confined spaces closely mirror those for heating. Space limitations, hazards due to combustibles or explosives and air quality concerns are all legitimate reasons for relying on the professionals at SmogBusters for your confined space work environment needs. Maintaining a moderate temperature will be more comfortable for your workers, which generates higher production levels and process failures due to excess heat are avoided.

Confined Space Climate Control Expertise

SmogBuster team members are specially-trained ventilation technicians with the education and experience to handle all of the climate control needs for your confined space work environment safely and effectively. Increase comfort, production and maintain process integrity by contacting us today.