Posted: 13 Oct '16

Dust Control Solutions Change How Confined Space Work is Done

Dust Control Solutions Change How Confined Space Work is Done

Under conditions that are not overly taxing, confined space work environments are affected by natural occurrences of dust. Add close quarters welding, gouging and contaminated surface cleaning and the situation becomes downright dangerous. Often, visibility can be reduced to a meter or less which vastly increases the potential for accidents or injuries. SmogBuster dust control solutions can make your workplace safe and healthy for all involved in your project. 

Retain Visibility with Dust Control Solutions

Experience has proven that having the right ventilation and dust control for your confined space environment can prevent the formation of dust clouds and visible haze from fumes generated by work processes. The proper equipment is effective in even the most confined and cramped of spaces, keeping your workers safer and able to see clearly to accomplish their assigned tasks. 

When jobs are being performed that create particularly large amounts of dust or fumes while being carried out, a ventilation duct within a foot or two of the work area with plenty of airflow is often key to maintaining a healthy atmosphere and high visibility. In specialized circumstances such as abrasive blasting, a temporary enclosure may be required along with large air flow to contain the dust generated. 

Meeting the Challenge of Dust Control

Due to the combustibility of some dusts generated by work processes, it is not enough to simply remove the dust from the immediate work area. Accumulated dust can become explosive dust, presenting a whole host of additional safety hazards and potential for catastrophe. Further, environmental responsibility mandates proper disposal to maintain your company's reputation and reduce possible contamination outside of your confined space work area. Your SmogBuster team has expert knowledge and specialized equipment for dust control solutions required to avoid serious problems.

Meet or exceed the OH&S requirements and provide a healthier environment with improved visibility for your confined space work place with expert dust control solutions from SmogBuster. Contact us today to learn more about our dust control solutions.