Posted: 25 Apr '16

Taking a Deep Breath with Temporary Confined Space Ventilation

Taking a Deep Breath with Temporary Confined Space Ventilation

Breathable air is necessary for sustaining life and since it occurs naturally, it is often taken for granted. When your business operates in confined spaces, proper ventilation is required so your workers have breathable air. Too often, these conditions do not allow for permanent ventilation systems to be installed. SmogBuster temporary confined space ventilation is the perfect solution to keep your workers safe and ensure maximum production.

Temporary Confined Space Ventilation Explained

At SmogBuster, we have invested heavily into engineering temporary ventilation systems that are versatile and easy to move as necessary to ensure your workers have safe air to breathe with as little downtime as possible. We understand your need to perfect the fine balance between worker safety and maximizing production. Our equipment helps you accomplish both feats. Your customized temporary confined space ventilation system not only provides safe air to breathe by removing dust, fumes, vapours and gases from the atmosphere, it will also provide the following economical benefits:

  • Minimize downtime due to poor air quality or relocation of ventilation equipment
  • Allow several processes to operate simultaneously, such as welding, grit blasting, etc.
  • Greater visibility and comfort, resulting in higher production
  • Meeting your OSHA requirements to avoid penalties

The SmogBuster advantage was engineered with the unique requirements of confined spaces in mind.

Which Ventilation is Right for You?

When it comes to temporary confined space ventilation, there are two main types to consider: supplied and exhaust ventilation systems.

Supplied Ventilation

Supplied ventilation is highly effective in managing atmospheric hazards. Fresh air is forced into the space while contaminated air is forced out, diluting any airborne particulates that may contributing to poor air quality.

Exhaust Ventilation

LEV (local exhaust ventilation) is engineered to capture the airborne contaminants close to the source of their emission and forcing them out of the work space to improve the air quality of the confined space.

SmogBuster will perform an assessment of your confined work space environment and help you determine the best solution for you and your ventilation needs. Selecting the best method can depend on the following:

  • The size and configuration of your confined work space environment
  • The nature of the work being performed
  • The number of people occupying the work space at any given time
  • The types of airborne contaminants to be removed
  • Current ventilation systems

SmogBuster has been widely recognized as a leader in the field of temporary confined space ventilation solutions. We are committed not only to providing you with the best confined space ventilation solution for you, but to harnessing new technology that will make our systems better and more efficient. To protect your workers while maximizing production, contact us to learn how we can help.