Posted: 24 May '16

A Safety First Mentality: Safety Supervision

A Safety First Mentality: Safety Supervision

While SmogBuster's business is to provide confined space ventilation and climate control services with field support services, safety and the appropriate training for our employees and the unique work spaces encountered on-site is at the very core of all we do. The potential for injury or even fatality is very high in regards to confined spaces, which means that having safety supervision and the knowledge to work safely is just as important as the services we provide our clients. The following is a case where our safety first mentality averted what could have potentially been a major disaster.

Man vs. Hazardous Conditions

Muddy conditions and soft ground created hazardous conditions for two members of the SmogBuster team during the installation of a portable blower unit at the ground level of a CO Boiler on a worksite. The potential for the blower unit to tip over during transport was imminent and without the proper safety supervision and substantial safety training, it goes without saying there could have been serious repercussions, including injuries and perhaps even a fatality.

Relying on their safety training and the knowledge it gave them, the men took time to continually assess the situation and act accordingly to avoid an accident. The proper use of slings, come-alongs and leveling materials allowed for the safe transport of the unit over changing ground conditions and the move was completed without incident.

Safety Supervision and Training are Paramount

SmogBuster cannot impress enough the importance we place on safety for our field personnel. Due to this practice, these workers were able to assess the situation, predict possible outcomes and act accordingly to ensure an accident was avoided. We know from experience that a safety first mentality in our business is paramount to the health and well-being of not only our workers, but yours as well.

Safety supervision and appropriate safety training combined with state-of-the-art equipment to improve safety in your workplace is the mandate of each professional field support worker employed by SmogBuster. Together, we can reduce the potential for danger when working in the confined space environment. To learn more about our expert field support services and safety supervision, please contact us.