Posted: 9 May '17

Making Confined Space Environments Safe with Particle Filtration

Making Confined Space Environments Safe with Particle Filtration

Working in confined spaces often means your employees are working under less than ideal conditions. There are issues with air quality, temperature, and visibility inherent to these jobs. You can change confined space environments considerably with particle filtration, improving conditions and reducing risk to your employees' health and well-being.

Particle Filtration in Confined Spaces

Many of the processes performed during shutdown turnarounds or other maintenance tasks release harmful particulates into the atmosphere of confined spaces. Further, dust, mold, and bacteria raised from movement and fumes from combustion all combine to make the air quality quite toxic. Without proper ventilation and particle filtration, conditions would be deadly. While ventilation does help improve air quality significantly, particle filtration takes things a large further and removes heavier contaminants that are not as easily moved through circulation alone. With a complete system including filtration, air quality is vastly improved, often limiting the need for respirators, which can be cumbersome and slow down work rates.

Particle Filtration Improves Visibility and Productivity 

The most notable change particle filtration makes for the confined space environment is the improved visibility. Without filtration, ventilation often just keeps particulates and contaminants suspended in the air. This can make for some very hazy and cloudy spaces which lead to decreased visibility, increased risk of accidents and decreased production. Since a filtration system traps the particulates that are causing visibility issues, air that is cycled into the confined is cleaner and visibility restored.

Improved Social Responsibility

When filtration is employed and particulates are removed from the atmosphere, you are reducing your company's environmental impact. With the environment being a major concern, refraining from sending these potentially harmful contaminants into your surrounding area will go a long way to improving your reputation of social responsibility. In turn, this improves respect for your brand as a whole.

Particle filtration is just one of the many ways your SmogBuster professionals can help you change confined space environments for the better. With all of the benefits our equipment and services, contact Smogbuster today to learn more about how particle filtration can benefit you.