Innovative Ventilations Systems, Inc.

About IVS

Innovative Ventilation Systems, Inc. has been striving to be a leading provider of confined space services. Located in Beaumont, Texas, we assist in shutdown planning by monitoring and supplying hot-work applications for maintenance in addition to supplying temporary ventilation services. At IVS, we pride ourselves at meeting and exceeding your expectations by providing you with new ideas and innovative technologies for confined space ventilation. With plenty of research, development and experience, we create customized ventilation solutions that are efficient and the best in the industry.

  • MechanicalVentilation

    Mechanical Ventilation

    Mechanical ventilation is a solution offered by IVS to address the problems that often cumbersome confined space ventilation systems present. With the ability to allow parallel activities to occur all at once, not only will the productivity of the system be maximized, but you workers will be more comfortable and be more productive as well. In addition to the mechanical ventilation equipment, Innovative Ventilation Systems also has experienced ventilation technicians who routinely monitor equipment during shutdowns to ensure that there are minimal interruptions during the process.

  • Capturing & Filtering

    Capturing and Filtering Particulates

    Indoor air quality is a huge concern when it comes to confined spaces, which is why Innovative Ventilation Systems offers systems that will capture and filter particulates in the air. By eliminating fumes and particulates in the atmosphere of confined spaces, visibility is improved, which can contribute to the reduction of accidents as well as injuries that would otherwise be caused by a lack of visibility. These systems can also assist your company with being environmentally responsible while capturing and filtering particulates such as dry dust, metal spray and welding fumes.

  • Climate Control

    Climate Control

    When conducting operations in confined spaces, climate control can be a major factor in not only productivity, but safety as well. During shutdowns and maintenance operations, climate control can be required in order to be effective and for employees to remain comfortable and productive. IVS offers climate control for confined spaces that will aid in keeping the environment comfortable and safe. Offering various climate control options, such as flameless heating, humidity level control and industrial cooling for confined spaces, Innovative Ventilation Systems has the experience and ability to handle the climate control needs of your confined space work environment.

  • Shutdown Planning

    Shutdown Planning

    Being productive throughout the durations of shutdowns, considering they often have rigid time constraints, is imperative in order to complete all of the necessary tasks involved. With experienced ventilations and personnel, Innovative Ventilation Systems can assist your company with shutdown planning as well as working with turnaround teams in order to streamline the ventilation components of the process. Our technicians will handle all of the details involving monitoring and reporting and participate in worker safety meetings so that all you have to concern yourself with is the work that is being performed during the shutdown.

  • Field Support

    Field Support Services

    In addition to the high quality equipment and services that IVS supplies for confined spaces, IVS also provides unmatched field support services, since we firmly believe that successful ventilation plans go beyond installation and equipment. Along with their expert ventilation technicians who set up, monitor and adjust your ventilation systems, Innovative Ventilation Systems also provide field support services which include, demobilization when required, confined space entry watch, fire and spark watch as well as safety supervision.