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smogbuster Understanding the Importance of Dehumidification with Commercial Dehumidifier Rental

Ed Chessor (Engineer, Former CIH, PEng, MBA) - Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Commercial Dehumidifier Rental

It may not be obvious that commercial dehumidifier rentals can contribute to the success of an industrial construction or turnaround project, but they have.

dehumidifiers and Hot Working Conditions

People working in hot conditions are at risk of having their body temperature rise to dangerous levels. Physical exertion, fitness level and adaptation influence the risk. Those who have not been doing heavy work in hot conditions are not likely to be able to sweat and cool their bodies as well as someone who has adapted their body. Those who are welding or gouging in warm confined spaces are at greater risk because of the radiant heat from the weld metal. Healthy people respond to high temperatures by sweating, and are cooled as the sweat evaporates. When air temperatures, radiant heat, strenuous work, and humidity combine even a fit person can be at risk. If body temperature is kept in the normal healthy range, productivity and health are protected.

Where high temperatures occur with high humidity, sweat evaporates slowly, and there is less cooling effect. The risk of heat stress and heat stroke increases, sometimes with fatal results.

Dehumidified air helps people cool by evaporating sweat rapidly. Provided they drink lots of water or other healthy cold beverages, they keep cool.

Commercial Dehumidifiers

Commercial dehumidifiers are available from specialized equipment rental firms, and can be used to lower relative humidity in confined spaces. The effect is maximized if cooled, dehumidified air is delivered directly to the people in the space.

Smogbuster has worked with commercial humidifier rental companies to provide workers with cool, dry air in many confined spaces. Bring the benefits of this technical team to your next turnaround.

If you are planning confined space work in a hot, humid climate, keep your people cool and productive. Commercial dehumidifiers are the best way to do this.

Investigate the availability of dry air supply with the Smogbuster team.

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